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Passport Stamp Creator Help

The Passport Stamp Creator creates simulated stamps for your travel passport book, such as a National Park stamp books. The Stamp creator defines the page layout grid size, and allows you to define one stamp of a single size at a certain position, or a full page of stamps populated by the stamps in the list. Each stamp is drawn in a square area. Various styles are supported.

Page Layout

The Stamp Creator formats the stamps into a single page. The Page Layout section defines the dimensions of the page, including the stamp size, rows (height) and columns (width) of the page, and other metrics such as the border width of each cell. The Page Height Adjustment field allows you to fine tune the height of the page which may be important only for printing when it needs to fit the page onto a physical sheet of paper. See the printing section.

Stamp Info

The Stamp Information section defines the information associated with a particular stamp and allows you to preview it at a location on the page to see what it looks like. You can experiment with text length and sizes. Due to the limited space, generally the text for the park name, date, or location is limited to about 20 characters. You can adjust the font size or text length to achieve the look you desire. If you select the photo stamp style, you will also need to import a photo into the current stamp definition. This can be done at the bottom of the page in the import section. If you want to store the stamp information into the list, you must provide your email address and use the "Add to List" button.

Stamp List Storage

You can store your stamp definitions in a list associated with your email address, if desired. This is necessary if you intend to print an entire page of stamps at once. It is required for fill in the account information including the email address in order to store your stamp definition into the list. The information in the list can be edited and updated.


This section is used to import a photo into the current stamp definition.


When printing a stamp or page of stamps, it is important to set the printer page margins appropriately. These settings are in the printer properties. Only certain page layouts are supported. These layouts match those provided by Avery Labels and Sheet Labels brands so you can print onto pre-cut stickers. Alternatively, You can also print on plain paper or a full sticker page then cut out and affix it to your book.

Some browsers have slightly different margin calculations, and therefore some adjustments to the margins or the vertical inter-cell spacing (Page Height Adjustment value) so that when the page is printed it generates a single page with the sticker cells in the desired position. For Mozilla Firefox, a 0 adjustment works well. For, Google Chrome a -12 adjustment will work better. Adjustments may also depend on the number of rows selected to get a desired alignment. When you are in the process of printing, look at the page preview provided by the printer properties and ensure that it is for only 1 page. Some printers have some fixed margins on the left or top of page, so you many need to subtract a little (like .15) from the margins to get it to align as desired. It is recommended to use a full sticker page and cut it yourself. This is more foregiving strategy and you will have less hassles with getting the alignment of stamp on pre-cut stickers exactly right.


To select a color, you can use basic color names, or specify the color as an HTML RBG hex code (#33aacc). To see a color picker, check this out Color Picker. When using a National Park Stamp Book, notice that the stamps are color coded by region.

National Park Regions have a color code. Here is the table. You may want to use these colors in your book.

#c59868 North Atlantic Region (brown) #7da0c6 Mid-Atlantic Region (light blue) #b14959 National Capital Region (red) #bc819f Southeast Region (purple) #ddb253 Rocky Mountain Region (gold) #2b7854 Western Region (green) #e6a45a Mid-West Region (light brown) #989898 Southwest Region (gray) #1c79b2 Pacific Northwest and Alaska Region (blue)


If you have pre-cut labels you may want to turn off the cell border lines, but if you don't have pre-cut labels you may want cell border lines turned on so that you know where to cut.

Full Page: and

Designed for colXrow Margins 3x3 (2.5"x2.5") 1" top and bottom and .375 left and right (vspace .75 & hspace .125) 3x4 (2"x2") .625 top and bottom, and .625 left and right (vspace .58 & hspace .625) 4x5 (1.5"x1.5") .625 top and bottom, and .5 left and right (vspace .56 & hspace .5) 6x8 (1"x1") .625 top and bottom, and .625 left and right (vspace .25 & hspace .25) 3x4 (2.625"Wx2.25"H) .90625 top and bottom, .25 left and right (0.625 vspace & .0625 hspace) full page (any) Designed for Margins 3x4 (2.5x2.5) .3125 top and bottom and .375 left and right (vspace .125 & hspace .125) 4x5 (2"x2") .25 top and bottom and .25 left and right (vspace .125 & hspace 0) 4x6 (1.5"x1.5") .5 top and bottom and .78125 left and right (vspace .20 & hspace .3125) 5x6 (1.25"x1.25") 1.125 top and bottom, and .625 left and right(vspace .25 & hspace .25) 7x9 (1"x1") .5 top and bottom and .375 left and right (vspace .125 & hspace .125) 3x4 (2.5"x2.25") .8125 top and bottom and .375 left and right (vspace .125 & hspace .125) full page (any)