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Scenic View in the Monument Valley Backcountry

avatar   Scott

Posted On 10/07/2020 09:09:50

Monument Valley | Utah | Gouldings | Navajo | Backcountry | Exploring | Jeep Tour | History Overlook | Famous Movies

Scenic View in the Monument Valley Backcountry


Exploring the backcountry of Monument Valley is a must for anyone visiting this iconic area. There are so many amazing rock formations that you just can't see from the Visitor Center. There is even a great overlook that has been made famous by many western movies starring none other than John Wayne.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Are you a back country kind of person?

Whenever I hear the word backcountry, I think of hiking to a camping site that will have no facilities or amenities. That is not me! But, backcountry can mean other things as well. Backcountry is really a term for remote undeveloped areas that are not easily accessible.

There is a 17 mile drive through Monument Valley that is accessible for many passenger vehicles that passes by many of the cool more remote points. It's nice to be able to travel at your own pace and stay as long as you want at the various scenic points.

But, to really experience the Monument Valley backcountry, a tour with a Navajo guide will take you to even more places that you can't access on your own. Plus, if you get lucky with a guide as good as ours, they will tell you so much that you can't learn while traveling on your own.

What has been your best backcountry experience?

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I've been camping and stuff, but if you left me in the woods I'd probably just curl up and cry until someone found me. - Norman Reedus

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