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Exploring West Virginia's Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 07/07/2021 09:30:18

West Virginia | Cass | Cass Scenic Railroad State Park | Durbin Greenbrier Valley Railroad | Whittaker Station | Bald Knob | Railroad | Train | Scenic Train Rides | History

Exploring West Virginia's Cass Scenic Railroad State Park


Originally a logging town, today's town of Cass is actually part of the West Virginia state park network. In the years prior to 1960, the railroad transported timber for processing in the paper mill. Visitors to present day Cass can see what's left of the town and also take a ride on what is now a tourist rail line.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you enjoy train rides?

We originally planned to camp in Cass, West Virginia but that all changed after Scott's knee injury as we wanted to stay closer to the Urgent Care that stitched him up. (We learned that both cell phone coverage and medical care was very limited in the area.) Since the city was less than two hours away, we decided to take a day trip to see it any way.

We tried to reserve a ride aboard the Cass Scenic Railroad, however every journey was sold out. We still enjoyed our time at the state park - watching others board the steam train and begin their journey. Plus, we couldn't resist the ice cream shakes for sale in the soda fountain!

What train rides would you recommend to others?

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