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Walk Across History on Old Chain of Rocks Route 66 Bridge

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 06/11/2021 09:06:32

Missouri | Illinois | St. Louis | Madison | Mississippi River | Route 66 | Pedestrian Bridge | Old Chain of Rocks Bridge | History

Walk Across History on Old Chain of Rocks Route 66 Bridge


The mile long pedestrian only Old Chain of Rocks Bridge was once a memorable one-mile long section of the Mother Road. Not originally a part of Route 66, the bridge was named for the rocky rapids near St. Louis. The unique bend over the Mississippi River and picturesque settings at both the Missouri and Illinois ends of the bridge were two of the reasons that Route 66 was rerouted to include the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you ever explored remains along the old Route 66?

We've never done a road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles along the "mother road", but we have driven along segments of the road. We've also stopped to visit some of the businesses and see some of the attractions from years gone bye.

While staying just outside of St. Louis, we found or way to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. From 1929 to 1968, the bridge was open to vehicle traffic, but today, it is a pedestrian only walkway. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating. We would probably have walked across the entire one-mile span and back again, but as the intensity of the rain kept increasing, we turned around just past the half-way mark.

What places along the old Route 66 have you visited?

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