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Nazareth's "Cave Home" of the Virgin Mary

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 01/10/2023 10:36:58

Israel | Nazareth | Middle East | Holy Land | Church of the Annunciation | Basilica of the Annunciation | Virgin Mary | History | Religious History

Nazareth's "Cave Home" of the Virgin Mary


Completed in 1969, the Church of the Annunciation stands where a 1730 era church originally stood. Today's church (basilica) is said to be the largest in the Middle East. The church walls are filled with striking images of the Virgin Mary. Both today's structure and prior structures were built over what is thought to have been the cave home of the Virgin Mary. Remnants of older churches built on the site can be seen during a visit to the lower level.

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What memories do you have of amazing churches that you have visited?

Some people love visiting churches and others get bored by visiting church after church. There is something a little different about visiting churches in Israel where there are so many years of religious history. The Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth is thought to stand over the cave home of and site where the Virgin Mary was miraculously impregnated.

Do you enjoy visiting churches when you travel?

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