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See Three Waterfalls in One Hike at Hills Creek

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 07/09/2021 09:31:23

West Virginia | Monongahela National Forest | Highland Scenic Highway | Falls of Hill Creek Scenic Area | Hiking | Accessible Hiking | Waterfalls

See Three Waterfalls in One Hike at Hills Creek


No drive along the Highland Scenic Highway in Monongahela National Forest is complete without a stop at the Falls of Hills Creek Scenic Area. Hills Creek is home to three waterfalls with drops ranging from 25 to 60+ feet. Hiking to the closest and shortest fall is on a paved path. Getting to the remaining two requires more waterfall dedication! The more difficult hike is on a dirt path and requires descending hundreds of stairs along the journey.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you prefer paved or more rugged hiking trails?

Since we love finding off the beaten path waterfalls, we knew that we wanted to make a stop at the Falls of Hill Creek Scenic Area. Although Scott couldn't do our typical waterfall hiking, we had read that reaching the first of three waterfalls was fairly easy. The downside was that the view wasn't all that good.

Since there were enough other hikers continuing down, I decided to hike to the middle and lower falls on my own while Scott gave his knee time to rest. While the hike was definitely more strenuous, the waterfall views made up for the stair climbing required!

Would you have hiked to all three waterfalls or been satisfied with the first one?

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