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--- Postcard From The Wordy Explorers ---

Peculiar Fish Pedicure at Aruba's Fontein Cave

avatar   Scott

Posted On 12/13/2020 09:32:36

Caribbean | Dutch West Indies | Aruba | Arikok National Park | Fontein Cave | Fish Pedicure | Road Trip

Peculiar Fish Pedicure at Aruba's Fontein Cave


Arikok National Park is a great road trip destination for anyone visiting Aruba. Just a short walk from the parking area at the park's Fontein Cave, visitors can get a fish pedicure! A spring fed pond is home to hundreds of little fish. This pedicure is even included in the park entrance fee!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Have you ever had a fish pedicure?

While in Aruba in 2019, we spent the better part of a day in Arikok National Park. Fontein Cave was one of our favorite stopping points in the park. We lucked out with a small group tour with a park ranger who was there when we arrived.

Just a short walk beyond the parking area for the cave is a spring fed pond home to hundreds of little fish. We knew that we were nearing the pond when we heard lots of giggling, "eeking" and laughing. As soon as we got to the pond, our shoes and socks came off and we joined in on the fun - included in the park entrance fee is a fish pedicure! It's definitely an interesting sensation as the fish exfoliate your feet by nibbling away at all of the dry, flaky skin that they can find. Good thing that they weren't baby sharks!

Would you consider allowing these fish to give you a free pampering?

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