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Posting a Postcard Underwater at Hideaway Beach on Vanuatu

avatar   Scott

Posted On 10/06/2020 09:05:19

Destinations | Vanuatu | South Pacific | Post Office | Hideaway Beach | Snorkeling | Beach | Blue Water

Posting a Postcard Underwater at Hideaway Beach on Vanuatu


It is a novelty for sure, but it's also fun! At Hideaway Island in Vanuatu, you can write your own postcard using a special waterproof pen. Then, you can snorkel or dive to go to the underwater post office where you can mail it. Your family back home will receive it just as you posted it from underwater!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

What's the most unique thing that you have seen underwater?

When asked this question, I usually think of unique sea creatures. But, how about a working underwater post office? Yes, that's right! You can see Scott sitting on top of the underwater post office in this photo!

More about this: When we were docked in Vanuatu in 2017, we spent part of the day at Hideaway Island. The underwater post office is an actual "building" where divers and snorkelers can mail post cards to family and friends around the world. Just like a land post office, there's even postal employees who staff the office during certain hours!

What have you seen when snorkeling or diving that you thought was truly unique?

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The thing I realized this last few days is that the earth is a big place. - Paul Cayard

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