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Picture Perfect View of Rushmore from Iron Mountain Road

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 10/27/2020 08:48:17

South Dakota | Custer | Custer State Park | Scenic Drives | Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway | Iron Mountain Road | Mount Rushmore | Pigtail Bridges

Picture Perfect View of Rushmore from Iron Mountain Road


The 18-mile stretch of US 16A between the intersection of SD 36 and Mount Rushmore National Monument is known as the Iron Mountain Road. Engineers originally balked at the plans saying that building the road was impossible. Peter Norbeck, considered the father of Custer State Park, convinced them otherwise. Built in 1933, the road passes through three single lane tunnels - one as narrow as 10' 9" and another whose roof is only 10' 9" above ground. Each of the tunnels frame an awesome distant view of Mount Rushmore.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Have you driven the Iron Mountain Road in Custer State Park?

During our six night stay in Custer, SD this summer, we spent parts of several days in the state park. The Iron Mountain Road is one of 3 scenic drives inside the park that are truly awesome. Starting inside the park and heading north, the drive took us from the rolling prairie to Horsethief Lake, just a short distance outside of the park.

After a quick stop to see the lake, we continued on through the narrow single lane tunnels (with low roofs as well). The cool thing is the framed view of Mount Rushmore in the distance that you get as you pass through the tunnels.

The road is also famous for its pigtail bridges (bridges which loop back over the same road). The bridges help drivers change altitude quickly, but driving slow is a must to be safe and to not miss out on any view!

The scenic drive ends at Mount Rushmore, but just past the entrance to the national monument, there's an overlook that is often referred to as the profile turnout. It was obvious why the name stuck once we saw the profile view of the man referred to as the father of the United States!

What are some of your favorite scenic drives?

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