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--- Postcard From The Wordy Explorers ---

King of Carnival Toasts the New Orleans Mayor

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/12/2020 08:45:40

Louisiana | New Orleans | Carnival | Mardi Gras | Parades | Krewe of Rex | Fat Tuesday | King | Lundi Gras | Gallier Hall

King of Carnival Toasts the New Orleans Mayor


The King of Carnival (also known as Rex) is chosen each year by the School of Design (frequently referred to as the Krewe of Rex). The person selected for this royal role is always a member of the krewe who is known for their history of serving the community. J. Storey Charbonnet is serving as the 2020 King of Carnival. Here he is sitting on a float in front of Gallier Hall for the traditional toast to the mayor of New Orleans.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Even not knowing all of the Mardi Gras traditions, it was exciting to be a witness as Rex toasted the Mayor of New Orleans during Carnival. #WordyExplorers #carnival #MardiGras #KingOfCarnival #Rex #NewOrleans

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