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Catch the Falling Tower of Pisa

avatar   Scott

Posted On 12/17/2020 09:34:51

Italy | Tuscany | Pisa | Leaning Tower of Pisa | Pisa Tower | Architecture | Towers | Bell tower | Campanile | Square of Miracles

Catch the Falling Tower of Pisa


The famous tower in Pisa (a campanile or bell tower) is more commonly referred to as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It stands (or leans) in the Square of Miracles along with three other buildings. The cathedral (Duomo di Pisa) was the first building constructed in the square. The other two places in the square are the baptistery and the cemetery (Campo Santo).

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Have you visited Tuscany?

During several trips to Italy, we've had the opportunity to explore some areas within Tuscany - but we definitely want to return. There is just so much to see and do. During our fall 2017 trip, we made it to Pisa for the first time. Although the weather could have been better (lots of rain), we joined in with the crowds taking crazy photos with the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

A different version of our trip could be like this: Once the rain stopped, we returned to the Pisa compound and were able to stop this leaning tower from falling down. Good thing we got there just in time!

Fun fact: The tower was designed to stand vertical, however it started leaning during construction. Guess they didn't intend to name it "The Leaning Tower of Pisa"!

What's your favorite city in Tuscany?

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Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret. - Oscar Wilde

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