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Exploring the Highest Peak East of the Mississippi River

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 06/21/2021 09:18:54

North Carolina | Appalachian Mountains | Mount Mitchell State Park | Mount Mitchell | Observation Deck | Museum | Hiking

Exploring the Highest Peak East of the Mississippi River


In March 1915, Mount Mitchell State Park was named North Carolina's first state park. At 6,684 feet above sea level, the peak of Mount Mitchell is the highest point east of the Mississippi River. Parking is available near the summit, as is a museum filled with historical exhibits. A relatively short hike leads to an observation deck where, on a clear day, you are greeted with an excellent view.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Are you a mountain climber?

I do love the view from higher elevations, but I'd be lying if I said that I am a mountain climber. I do love hiking, and I don't mind going up in elevation - as long as it is not too very strenuous.

As we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway, we decided to veer into Mount Mitchell State Park. We were lucky with a nice day, so I was hoping for a great view from above. I'm not sure what happened ... but from the time that we entered the park until we left, the sky was covered in clouds. To be honest, I'm glad that we took the easy route and walked the short path to the observation deck. I know that I would have been really disappointed if we chose a more difficult hike to get a view of the clouds!

Sad, but interesting fact: In an effort to settle a dispute about which peak in these Black Mountains was the highest, Dr. Elisha Mitchell fell from a cliff above a waterfall and drowned. To honor him, the highest peak was was named Mount Mitchell.

Do you prefer climbing, hiking (or neither)?

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Time Camping isn't time spent, it's invested. - Unknown

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