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Visit a Navajo Hogan in the Monument Valley Backcountry

avatar   Scott

Posted On 08/23/2020 09:06:52

Monument Valley | Utah | Four Corners | Monument Valley Back-Country | Desert | Rock Formations | Arches

Visit a Navajo Hogan in the Monument Valley Backcountry


While on a tour through Monument Valley, we visited a Navajo Hogan. The Hogan is a earthen dome home built with wooden posts and covered with mud that bakes in the sun. The roof has an opening for the smoke of a campfire to escape. While inside, we visited with some locals and learned about their native crafts, dies and traditional life.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you toured Monument Valley?

We had an awesome experience on a private tour through many areas that can't be explored on your own. It was very interesting to step inside of a Navajo Hogan. The family who owned the Hogan was so welcoming and willing to share about their life and also answer our questions. It was definitely an interesting part of our tour.

What was your favorite part of exploring Monument Valley?

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