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Witness an Old West Shootout Aboard the 1880 Train

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 01/28/2021 09:18:19

South Dakota | Black Hills | Keystone | Hill City | Oblivion | Black Hills Central Railroad | 1880 Train | Steam Train | Old West Shootout |

Witness an Old West Shootout Aboard the 1880 Train


During the summer months, several of the journeys aboard the 1880 train include an Old West Shootout. The shootout can only be experienced on the final departure from Hill City to Keystone, and only on select days. The additional charge for the shootout is $5.00 per ticket and, in exchange, passengers leave with a fun memory from their time in the Black Hills!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you ever include a surprise for your travel companions when planning a vacation?

When traveling with others, we usually all work together to plan our vacation. During our summer trip to the Black Hills, we did add one surprise to our journey aboard the 1880 Train - we chose our departure times so that we could include the Old West Shootout during our return!

Shortly after departing from Hill City, the train guide began sharing concern about the payroll for the miners. It was apparently a stagecoach that usually carried the payroll, but we were told that our train was carrying the money instead. Once we arrived into Oblivion, about half-way to Keystone, there was a shootout on the side of the train. In the end, we learned that the payroll actually did travel by stagecoach - the story was a decoy so that the money would arrive safely!

What surprises have you planned for traveling companions?

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