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Reliving Youth with a Pirate at Cajun Palms RV Resort

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 11/27/2021 10:18:26

Louisiana | Lafayette | Henderson | Breaux Bridge | Cajun Palms RV Resort | Children | Kid's Activities | Swimming Pool | Concessions

Reliving Youth with a Pirate at Cajun Palms RV Resort


Located just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana in the city of Henderson is Cajun Palms RV Resort. The park is packed with fun for both kids and adults. The huge pool area will put a smile on anyone's face - even with the pirates lurking about! In addition to the three swimming pools, there are water slides that the young at heart will enjoy. For a fee, there's also an arcade, laser tag, mini-golf, bumper cars, a prehistoric park ... and lots of fun snacks!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Even when traveling without kids, do you ever relive your youth?

We always try to explore each of the RV parks that we stay at to see all that they offer to both kids and adults. We did just that at Cajun Palms RV Resort. It was fun looking at the decor (and posing with the pirates) around the resort. Although closed for the season, the pools and water slides looked like they would be so much fun. Cajun Palms even had Friday night live music which was enjoyed by both kids and adults.

Where was the last place that you had fun reliving your youth?

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