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Go Back in Time in Port Stanley

avatar   Scott

Posted On 04/16/2020 09:35:51

Destinations | Port Stanley | Falkland Islands | United Kingdom | British Overseas Territory | Penguins | Windy

Go Back in Time in Port Stanley


If you ever have the opportunity to visit Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, don't miss the Falkland Islands Museum. Even for non-museum lovers, it's really cool. The museum is filled with many artifacts from early settlements on the island. It is especially interesting since it is quite remote - so far from any other settlements. The museum also offers guided tours of some of the historical houses on the island that help to tell the tale of the life of the early settlers.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you enjoy museums?

The Falkland Islands Museum in Port Stanley comes highly recommended. It can sometimes be so hard to choose what to see and do when traveling by cruise ship as port time is usually quite limited. The Falkland Islands are known for their penguins, the coastline, a grounded ship in the harbor plus the awesome museum. (There's also an interesting anchor and whale bone cathedral just blocks away from the museum.)

With these choices, would you you visit the museum? #PortStanley #FalklandIslands #penguins #FalklandIslandsMuseum #WordyExplorers

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Out of sight of land the sailor feels safe. It is the beach that worries him. - Charles C. Davis

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