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Prairie Dog Town at Oklahoma's Wichita Mountains

avatar   Scott

Posted On 08/26/2020 09:15:21

Oklahoma | Wichita Moutains | Prairie Dog Town | Exploring | Nature | National Wildlife Refuge

Prairie Dog Town at Oklahoma's Wichita Mountains


While camping in the Wichita Mountains, we enjoyed a stop at the Prairie Dog town to watch the cute animals scamper about. Prairie Dogs have a warning system - they pop up and bark to alert other prairie dogs of human visitors!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you enjoy watching prairie dogs?

We've had fun watching (and listening to) the prairie dogs in their towns in Glacier National Park, Caprock Canyon (Texas) and Custer State Park (South Dakota). The prairie dog in this photo lives in the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma where we also saw other wildlife including free roaming bison, cattle and deer.

Where is your favorite Prairie Dog Town?

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Notable Quote

In a cool solitude of trees, where leaves and birds a music spin, mind that was weary is at ease, new rhythms in the soul begin. - William Kean Seymour

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