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Snorkeling at the Aquarium on Rangiroa

avatar   Scott

Posted On 05/23/2020 09:34:35

Cruising | French Polynesia | Tahiti | Rangiroa | Aquarium | Snorkeling | Warm Waters | Tropical Fish | Sharks

Snorkeling at the Aquarium on Rangiroa


During our cruise port of call at the South Pacific island of Rangiroa, we had a great opportunity to snorkel at a location called the Aquarium. We quickly learned how the snorkeling spot got its name! The water was perfectly clear and the fish were amazingly dense - it was incredible! Although the name of the spot is the Aquarium, it is in open waters and is near the reef at Moto Nui Nui. Wow!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you have a favorite snorkeling spot?

During our cruise around the islands of French Polynesia, we snorkeled nearly every day. Of all of the snorkeling that we have done, these islands are definitely at the top of our list. We are planning a return visit - hopefully in 2021. (As we are on a quest to see the world, it's not often that we both really want to return to a place we've already been!) One of our favorite snorkeling spots in the islands was at the Aquarium in Rangiroa. We jumped in with our camera and just about every shot was great - filled with colorful fish.

Where is your favorite spot for snorkeling? . . . #cruise #snorkeling #swimming #TropicalFish #rangiroa #RangiroaAquarium #FrenchPolynesia #WordyExplorers

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Travel is still the most intense mode of learning. - Kevin Kelly

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