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Escaping from the Hairy Man Road Serial Killer's Cabin

Escaping from the Hairy Man Road Serial Killer's Cabin

avatar   Stacy
Trip Date 02/18/2017
Posted On 05/02/2018 23:42:11

Destinations | Texas | Austin | Leander | Escape Room | Hairy Man Road Serial Killers Cabin

While out for dinner late last year, our friends Michaela and John described a fun time that they had in an Escape Room while visiting their adult children. Michaela suggested that the four of us plan an evening at a local venue, Escape Room Leander after our next dinner together, and we all agreed.

If you are in the northwest Austin area and can gather a group of four to six people for a mentally exhilarating one hour event, read on for an overview of our escape attempt.

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Hairy Man Road Serial Killer's Cabin

Escape Room Leander was located at 2403 South US-183 in Leander (on the west side of US-183 just north of Osage Drive). At the time of our visit, Escape Room Leander had two different rooms to choose from and, at our friends' suggestion, we chose Hairy Man Road Serial Killer's Cabin as it was for groups of four, five or six players ($79.00 for the private room). As described on Escape Room Leander's website, the premise of the event was:

You're out with your group in the woods on Hairy Man Road when you suddenly stumble upon a creepy old cabin. What's that noise behind you? Eek, you run into the cabin, only to discover you've found the Hairy Man Road Serial Killer's Cabin, and now you can't go back outside, because the Killer is waiting there.

But there's hope...the Killer has left a bunch of weird clues and puzzles all around, and they seem to be pointing to some kind of Secret Exit...but where is it? Solve the clues and escape the Cabin before the Killer is able to get inside. You have one hour!

It truly was a team event and required the full participation of each of us. Immediately following the three clues that we received, we had to put all four of our heads together (clunk) to decipher their meanings. It was not easy, and watching the minutes (and even seconds) tick away made our hearts beat faster - as if we really might be killed!

We Escaped from the Serial Killer's Cabin

We Escaped from the Serial Killer's Cabin

We did successfully escape ... but just barely - we had only 12 seconds before our time would have run out! As we were leaving the venue, we talked to one of the employees who shared that less than half of the groups have been able to "escape alive".

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Tip for Escape Room Enjoyment

If you plan to visit an escape room, I would echo my friend Michaela's suggestion - it was really fun with a group of people who all knew each other. While it might still be fun if you didn't know the entire group, I don't believe that the experience would be quite the same ... plus you can't talk about it again and again with your friends!

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Double Dates

What's your favorite thing to do on a double date?

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The Escape Room Leander, Leander, TX, United States
Escaping from the Hairy Man Road Serial Killer's Cabin

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