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Review: The Big Reveal ...  and Our Experience at Genuine RV Store

Review: The Big Reveal ... and Our Experience at Genuine RV Store

avatar   Stacy
Trip Date 07/14/2017
Posted On 05/02/2018 15:14:17

Camping | Review | Genuine RV Store | Texas | Purchase | Nacogdoches | Tony Wier

We've been dreaming about this purchase for almost as long as we've known each other. Our planning (and budgeting) became more serious as we approached our early retirement dates, but we had so many other scheduled trips (Norway, Baltic, British Isles, Australia/New Zealand . . .) in our first year and a half of retirement that we kept delaying our purchase. Almost immediately upon returning from a national park adventure, Scott began searching the internet for the perfect match of one of our top two contenders. We took a four hour drive to Nacogdoches, Texas last week for a preview, and we agreed that we had found the one. After the retailer completed make-ready (plus the addition of a few options that we requested) and we spent money like crazy on "essentials" (we lucked out that our timing coincided with Amazon Prime Day!), we began that same four hour drive - this time for a 2:00 PM appointment and pick-up.

Although we thought we'd be early, the road construction put us in Nacogdoches just before meeting time, so our celebratory dessert would have to wait until the evening. Upon arrival at Tony Wier's Genuine RV Store, we were quickly escorted to our bright and shiny new home.

Introducing "RV There Yet?", our 2018 Highland Ridge Open Range Ultra Lite Travel Trailer:

Our New Home

Our New Home

Naming an RV is much like naming a child - we had discussed RV names for almost as long as we talked about buying an RV! One of our early ideas was Harvey RV (Scott said no way!), and we eventually narrowed it down to "Like a Rolling Home", "On the Road Again", "Are We There Yet?" and "We Be Gone" and ... finally settled on "RV There Yet?"

We planned to stay in "RV There Yet?" overnight at the dealership to give us a chance to test everything out before taking our first road trip ... but we forgot a few critical supplies. Before making a Walmart run (mattress topper & pad, pillows & pillowcases and some extra toilet paper), we gobbled up the Thursday night chicken fried steak special at Kinfolks Diner (4817 NW Stallings Dr, Nacogdoches, TX 75964) to provide us with the strength we needed to shop!

Once we made it back to Genuine RV Store (following our celebratory DQ Blizzard to-go purchase), it was time to move our new purchases along with everything that we hauled from home into "RV There Yet?".

Camping at Genuine RV Store

Camping at Genuine RV Store

We did some initial unpacking (like making the bed), but we were exhausted after our long but exciting day. Finally, early on Friday morning, we cleared out all of the inside clutter so that we were road ready.

Already Time to Declutter

Already Time to Declutter

Since we went out to eat last night, today's breakfast was my first opportunity to cook in "RV There Yet?" (plus a chance to try out our new cookware). Our meal was a quick but good one - a scrambled egg with bacon and cheddar panini. The best news was that clean up was very easy!

Cooking our first Breakfast

Cooking our first Breakfast

Purchase Experience at Genuine RV Store

Although we have nothing to compare to as this was our first RV purchase, we were extremely pleased with our experience. All of our interactions with the staff at Genuine RV Store were positive:
  • David, who we initially spoke to via telephone and later met during our first visit, made the entire sales/purchase process easy. He explained the store's low prices and therefore no need for the dreaded "price haggling", helped Scott with decisions on some potential customizations and wrote up our purchase contract all in a relatively short period of time. (Scott had done lots of research on the model that we chose, we had already seen and priced the 2017 model of the same RV, and we were extremely happy with the sales price and quite sure that it could not be beat.) He also followed up with us by phone between our initial visit and pick-up, letting us know that Tony would be our contact for pick-up.
  • Tony Wier, the owner, was knowledgeable and helpful, and it was apparent that he wanted his clients to be happy, and therefore customers for life. Knowing that our home was four hours away, he provided some thoughts and suggestions on local dealers should we ever have a need for warranty or other repair work. Tony also gave us his personal cell phone number, just in case we had any questions - and we actually contacted him on Sunday, two days after leaving his store with our new RV. Just as he promised, he responded. Tony offered to have his service manager take a look at a leak that we noticed if we wanted to return on Monday morning. We did just that, and the window gasket was repaired and tested in under an hour.
  • Jeff took us on a detailed walk-through of both the inside and outside of our new home and also answered our many questions. He completed some final detailing inside, attached our temporary license plate and even helped us hook up the RV to our tow vehicle when we were ready to leave.
  • We met with Tammi to sign our purchase documents, make our final payment and ensure that the title could be officially transferred correctly.
  • Although we purchased a new RV, we still spent over an hour on our own checking her out both inside and out - it was just like buying a new home. Once that was complete, it was time to shop! Rather than providing the initial hoses and supplies needed for RV travel, Genuine RV Store provided us with a $150 store credit. Heather made some initial recommendations and we ended up with our purchase:
    • Odorlos Drop-Ins
    • Power Adapter (50-amp to 30-amp)
    • Rhinoflex Sewer Kit
    • Hose
    • Water Regulator
    • 4 Wheel Chocks
    • RV Antifreeze
    • Step Rug

Tip for an Upcoming RV Purchase

If you are in search of an RV and are anywhere in the vicinity of Nacogdoches, Texas, we would highly recommend that you check out Tony Wier's Genuine RV Store. You can begin by searching their inventory on line. If you find an RV that you like, or just prefer to speak to someone, contact Tony or David at (877-438-0307) or, of course, you can stop by their showroom located at 2824 NW Stallings Drive in Nacogdoches, Texas. It is worth checking out their website or giving them a call - we feel confident that you will be glad you did!

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Genuine Rv Store, Nacogdoches, TX, United States

Review: The Big Reveal ...  and Our Experience at Genuine RV Store


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