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Welcome to The Wordy Explorers Travel Blog! The "WE" in "Are We There Yet?" are none other than the Wordy Explorers, Scott and Stacy. We've made some enhancements to our website, so here's a quick tour:

The Wordy Explorers

The Curated link contains an assortment of helpful articles with information on destinations, camping and planning.

The Postcards link has some of the best photos (with a brief description) from our travels - just like an online postcard!

The Content Categories (below) are organized as follows:

  • RV There Yet? is where you'll find RV or camping related content;
  • Are We THERE Yet? includes content for all other travel means; and
  • Are We There YET? is where you can access the Portfolio Monitor which helped us prepare to retire early and helps us keep tabs on our financial picture today (along with our financial advisor, of course).

Content Categories
RV There Yet?
Are We THERE Yet?
Are We There YET?
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