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Wordy Explorers' Campground Ratings

Wordy Explorers' Campground Ratings

avatar   Stacy
Trip Date 09/15/2020
Posted On 09/15/2020 09:36:00

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Updated: 09/15/2020

Wordy Explorers RV Campground Ratings

Upon purchasing our RV, we created a spreadsheet to keep a list of everywhere we camped. We personally use the spreadsheet in several ways:

  • to keep track of how many nights we spend in our RV (to confirm that our RV purchase was a good decision);
  • to calculate how much in total we spend on camping fees as well as, on average, what we spend in nightly campground fees (for budget purposes); and
  • to remember which campgrounds we most like and would consider returning to, and which we would prefer to stay away from.

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Overview of Campground Ratings

Since July 13, 2017 we've logged every night that we've stayed in "RV There Yet?". We logged our stay if we just parked the RV somewhere overnight so that we could sleep in it, if we boondocked or if we camped in an actual campground or RV park. Each of these 90+ locations are now all on our list.

In addition to the dates we stayed, the total price we paid and a rating (see Rating Descriptions and color coding beneath spreadsheet), we've included our comments such as ease of reserving, ease of parking, available utilities, campsite features and park services. We even save comments on our cell phone coverage and broadcast television reception.

Sample of Campground Ratings

Sample of Campground Ratings

We originally made our spreadsheet and ratings available in August 2018 to any of our readers who had an interest. Our hope is that the information would help others in search of campgrounds as well. As of September 2020, our list has has grown significantly and now has over 90 campgrounds.

The quickest and easiest way to access the list in the future is to visit our home page (http://arewethere-yet.com/wordyexplorers). From there, select the icon titled "RV There Yet?". From the "RV Camping" page, select the "Campground Ratings" icon which will take you to this entry with the most up to date list as well as a link at the top of the article. If we have have published a more in depth review of the campground, you'll also find a link to the more comprehensive review which also includes photos.

One of our Favorites: Tyler State Park

One of our Favorites: Tyler State Park

Campgrounds and Other Locations

As of the date you are seeing this, the following locations are currently included in the Wordy Explorers RV Campground Ratings:


  • Gulf State Park Campground (Gulf Shores)


  • Crater of Diamonds State Park (Murfreesboro)
  • Dam Site River at Beaver Lake (Eureka Springs)
  • Lake Chicot State Park (Lake Village)
  • Southgate RV Park (Fayetteville)
  • Treasure Isle RV Park (Hot Springs)

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  • Bay Bayou RV Resort (Tampa)
  • Chassahowitzka River Campground (Homosassa)
  • Hart Springs Campgroun (Bell)
  • Panacea RV Park (Panacea)
  • Sapphire Island Camping and RV Resort (DeFuniak Springs)
  • Sunseekers RV Park (North Ft. Myers)
  • Topsail Hill Preserve State Park (Santa Rosa Beach)


  • Charlestown State Park (Charlestown)

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  • Falls Creek Cabins & Campgrounds (Corbin)
  • Whispering Hills RV Park (Georgetown)



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  • Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing (Bayard)

New Mexico

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South Dakota


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Campground Ratings

Have you been to one or more of the locations on our list? If so, we'd be grateful for any additional comments that you would like to share. The final column on the spreadsheet has contributions from viewers - that's where we'll add your comments.

Wordy Explorers' Campground Ratings

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