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Review: Coon Creek Cove Campground

Review: Coon Creek Cove Campground

avatar   Stacy
Trip Date 04/20/2018
Posted On 10/25/2018 17:36:51

Camping | Oklahoma | Ponca City | Coon Creek Cove Campground Review | Corps of Engineers Camping in Oklahoma | RVing in Oklahoma

We made reservations for a two night stay at Coon Creek Cove Campground nearly two months before our visit. Located near Ponca City, Oklahoma, the park was almost empty upon our Wednesday evening arrival.

If you'll be traveling through north central Oklahoma and might need a place to camp, take a look at this review. As expected, this US Army Corps of Engineers campground is well maintained and has some nice onsite amenities for guests.

Campground Amenities at Coon Creek Cove

The water level in Kaw Lake was extremely low during our two night stay, but on the positive side, Coon Creek Cove Campground was clean and well maintained. While on one of our walks through the park, we learned from a fellow guest that there was a governor mandated burn ban in effect. With the ongoing Oklahoma wildfires, the rationale for the ban was perfectly reasonable, however we were surprised that we were not informed of the ban at check-in (or by posted signs).

The bathhouses appeared to be relatively new with individual private rooms (unisex) each including a toilet, shower with shower seat and sink. Although there are no hiking trails within the park, with a total of 54 campsites, this medium sized park has a number of amenities not offered in many parks of its size. Coon Creek Cove has a boat ramp ($5.00 per day use fee) and dock available for lake access when the lake level is high enough for boating activities. Additionally, the park has a disc golf course and a children's playground.

The total cost for our two night stay was $40.00 ($20.00 nightly with no added fees).

Campsite Amenities at Coon Creek Cove

The campsites at Coon Creek Cove all appeared clean and well maintained during our stay. The amenities at each site included a gravel parking area, grill, fire pit, table (some covered and some uncovered) and a food prep area. Reservations can be made online for available campsites, each with on-site 30-amp electric and water. Dumpsters are located in the park, and the dump station can be found just after passing the gate house/fee station upon exiting the park.

Site # 38 (our site during our stay) is flat, has very easy back-in parking and has a view of the small arm of Kaw Lake (or, when the lake is low, a view of mud!). Although it's hard to believe with the near dry arm of the lake in view of the site during our stay, it is one of five sites (36 - 40) subject to flooding. While our table was not covered, the site has large shade trees, some of which would accommodate our hammocks.

Campsite 38 at Coon Creek Cove

Campsite 38 at Coon Creek Cove

Although channels were limited, the broadcast television reception was good. We also had good phone and data service on Verizon, however no T-Mobile cell or data service.

During our last evening at Coon Creek Cove, we timed our evening walk almost perfectly to catch a view of the setting sun over the lake just behind "RV There Yet?", our home away from home.

Sunset View from Campsite 38

Sunset View from Campsite 38

Favorite Campsites at Coon Creek Cove

Our customary walk through the camping area to pick out our favorite sites (you never know when we may end up here again) yielded the following:
  • Although lacking a view of the lake, sites 6 and 9 are long, flat and have lots of trees to block the afternoon sun; additionally, site 6 has a covered table.
  • Site 13 is well shaded and has a nice view as well as a long, flat parking area.
  • Although site 14 has no trees, the site has a long, flat parking area and an excellent view of Kaw Lake.
  • Site 19 is flat, has a covered picnic table and, since it backs up to the lake, has a nice view.
  • Site 29 is fairly level, has a nice view and also has a covered picnic table.

Lake View from Site 29

Lake View from Site 29

Camping in Southern Oklahoma

If you enjoy scenic drives and have an interest in spending some time exploring some of the mountainous areas of Oklahoma, take a look at our post titled Review: Doris Campground. The park is located on the Wichita Mountains Scenic Drive and the Oklahoma's Quartz Mountains Scenic Drive is also in the vicinity.

Campgrounds in the State of Oklahoma

What is your favorite campground in Oklahoma, and why is it at the top of your list?

Review: Coon Creek Cove Campground


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