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Introducing the "Are We There Yet?" Portfolio Monitor

Introducing the "Are We There Yet?" Portfolio Monitor

avatar   Scott
Trip Date 04/24/2018
Posted On 05/10/2018 14:11:01

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We'd like to introduce the Portfolio Monitor - a flexible web application to monitor your portfolio. Most importantly, the Portfolio Monitor gives a future projection of what might happen to your portfolio over time and throughout your retirement.

As we were planning for our retirement and wanting to make sure that we had enough money to travel at the level that we wanted, we needed a flexible retirement calculator that allowed us to enter our investments, income and expenses. We were working with a Financial Advisor whose company had a retirement planning tool, but it wasn't really flexible enough to provide what we considered an accurate projection. We tried a variety of the other widely available tools however, in our opinion, they also had a number shortcomings:

  • the ability to enter many assets (especially 401k's) had limitations - while the current balance could be entered, the number remained static until we took the time to update the balance with market changes;
  • the expense categories were more limited than we preferred and the timing of expenses was not very flexible - we have some expenses that are annual, some quarterly and some monthly which caused additional calculations in order to properly input them;
  • there was no ability to adjust income or expenses for different time periods - for example, we will likely travel extensively during our early retirement years, however as we age our travel will unfortunately probably need to decrease due to physical limitations.

As a result, I decided to use my training as a software engineer to design my own tool to do the calculations that we thought were important. Over time, the tool has continued to improve with the implementation of new features that eventually solved for each of the shortcomings that we found with other widely available tools. After we retired and began contemplating this travel blog at the encouragement of family and friends, we decided that the Portfolio Monitor would be a good compliment to the blog, and would hopefully be useful to others.

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We are not professional financial advisors and therefore we cannot and will not provide any personal financial advice, however we will be happy to provide advice on how to utilize the Portfolio Monitor effectively. The Portfolio Monitor provides a wide variety of calculations, and each of the calculations are based on decisions that each person (or couple) needs to make based on individual goals and desires. Once input is complete, a detailed report will be generated and it is highly recommended that you work with a professional financial advisor to assist with determining any portfolio changes. The Portfolio Monitor is geared to provide calculations and additional information to discuss with your advisor, as well as to help you to organize and more easily monitor your investments.

Most input pages in the Portfolio Monitor have a Help page that provides additional more detailed information on how to input and/or use the information.

We would love to hear from you, so feel free to add any comments or questions about the application below.

Introducing the "Are We There Yet?" Portfolio Monitor

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