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Catch that Sun Before it Sets Over Badlands National Park

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 09/26/2021 08:53:27

South Dakota | Badlands National Park | Pinnacles Overlook | Sunset | Badlands | Camping | Hiking | Backcountry | Photography

Catch that Sun Before it Sets Over Badlands National Park


Watching the sun set over the badlands can be a perfect end to a day of exploring Badlands National Park. When the conditions are right, seeing the sky and the land formations change colors as the sun moves lower and lower is truly memorable. Just make sure to choose a westward facing spot for sunset gazing. (Viewpoints that come highly recommended for capturing the sunset are Bigfoot Pass, Conata Basin Overlook, Norbeck Pass and Pinnacles Overlook.)

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

The Pinnacles Overlook at Badlands National Park is perfect for sunset views - as long as weather conditions cooperate. The overlook has plentiful parking, a large viewing platform and an expansive backcountry that both sunset lovers and photographers appreciate. Pinnacles is also in a great location for anyone heading toward Wall, SD as it's just one mile from the parking area to the nearest park exit. We are so happy that we had two chances to see the sunset over Badlands National Park as our first wasn't so good!

What's your favorite spot for watching the sun rise or set?

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The ultimate camping trip was the Lewis and Clark expedition. - Dave Barry

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