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Astounding Trip to Canyonlands National Park

avatar   Scott

Posted On 05/24/2020 09:10:12

Utah | Moab | Canyonlands National Park | Road Trips | Hiking | Camping | Mighty Five National Parks

Astounding Trip to Canyonlands National Park


Canyonlands National Park is one big park! We spent two days exploring the park, and as usual, didn't have nearly enough time. The park has two completely separate areas, so we spent our first day entering at the south end and our second day at the north end. The national park is filled with so many awesome rock formations, arches and tremendous views of the canyon. Moab, Utah is the perfect camping location for easily getting to both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.

     The Wordy Explorers

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How many of Utah's Mighty Five National Parks have you visited?

We've only been to four ... and the time that we had at those four was not nearly enough. When staying in Moab, we loved our two days at Canyonlands National Park. The two "sides" of the park are so different from each other. No matter which side we were on, it was a great day filled with awesome views!

Which of the Mighty Five National Parks is your favorite? . . . . #utah #moab #MightyFive #canyonlands #camping #hiking #WordyExplorers

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