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Chapel in the Hills: Exact Replica of Borgund Stavkirke

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/15/2021 08:50:05

South Dakota | Black Hills | Northern Black Hills | Rapid City | Chapel in the Hills | Borgund Stavkirke | Stave Church | Churches | Prayer Walk | Log Cabin

Chapel in the Hills: Exact Replica of Borgund Stavkirke


The Chapel in the Hills is an exact replica of Borgund Stavkirke, a famous stave church built in the 12th century in Norway. What started as a goal of expanding the audience of a radio ministry, coupled with a lavish donation by a local, made the chapel a reality. The stavkirke design was chosen to honor the heritage of the many radio ministry listeners who were Norwegian Lutherans. Completed in 1969, the Chapel in the Hills was home to the radio program for about five years.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you ever visited a stave church?

Stave churches are named for their wooden frame created by post and lintel. (In the Norse language, the word for the posts is "stafr".) These medieval church buildings were common in northwest Europe, however today, most stave churches still standing are in Norway.

During our 2016 cruise around Norway, we visited our first stave church. While in Rapid City during the summer of 2020, we visited the Chapel in the Hills, an exact replica of another Norwegian stave church. In addition to the stavkirke, the grounds included a Prayer Walk, log cabin museum and authentic grass- roofed Stabbur (a storehouse which today serves as a gift shop).

Where have you visited a stave church?

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