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A Shootout on Deadwood's Main Street

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/20/2021 08:56:53

South Dakota | Deadwood | Deadwood Alive | Wild West | Main Street Shootout | Deadwood Historic District | Old Time Photo | Free Concert

A Shootout on Deadwood's Main Street


Deadwood's Main Street and Core Business District are where most of the big name casinos, concerts and parties, resort hotels, spas, shopping and dining are found. The city has a resounding western theme as it continues to be able to capitalize on its long-standing Wild West image. Even today, the likes of Wild Bill or one of the other gunslingers that gave Deadwood its notoriety are often found wandering the streets!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Do you enjoy visiting "wild west" cities?

We spent the late afternoon and evening wandering around the streets of Deadwood's Historic District. Some pre-planning helped us to catch some of the free daily reenactments including a "Main Street Shootout" and "The Shooting of Wild Bill" at the Old Style Saloon No. 10. We enjoyed a tasty meal and the four of us had an old time photo taken together - a lifetime memory!

Since we planned our visit for a Wednesday, we wrapped up our evening with a free concert at the newly opened Outlaw Square.

What's your favorite "wild west" city to visit?

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