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--- Postcard From The Wordy Explorers ---

So Many Fun Activities at Galveston Island KOA

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 11/04/2022 10:53:29

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So Many Fun Activities at Galveston Island KOA


The Galveston Island KOA Holiday campground has an employee known as the "Director of Fun". Responsibilities for the position are just what you would expect - lead activities and events that will be fun for guests at the campground. As you look at the schedule and wander around the grounds, you'll see people of all ages participating in "fun" - like drawing on rainbow scratch paper!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Do you ever spend some of your time getting to know employees who are responsible for ensuring you have a great vacation?

During our late summer stay at Galveston Island KOA Holiday, we participated in some of the activities planned by the "Director of Fun". In addition to art on rainbow scratch paper, we painted rocks, played Bingo (and even won some coconut rum) and watched a fun camping themed movie. It was fun talking to Emily and hearing her say that one of the most rewarding parts of her job is having return guests!

Have you ever met someone whose title is "Director of Fun"?

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