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See the Burial Sites of Deadwood Legends at Mount Moriah

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/19/2021 08:50:41

South Dakota | Black Hills | Wild West | Deadwood | Mount Moriah Cemetery | Wild Bill Hickok | Calamity Jane | Seth Bullock

See the Burial Sites of Deadwood Legends at Mount Moriah


Many of the legendary characters who made the city of Deadwood famous are buried 200 feet above the city. Although their notoriety also make Mt. Moriah Cemetery popular, there's more to the Victorian-style cemetery established in the late 1870s. Of the 3,600+ final resting places for people of all ages, approximately 1,200 are in three Potter's Fields along with other unknown settlers.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you ever visit cemeteries when you travel?

Deadwood's Mount Moriah Cemetery has a lot of history and a great view of the city! A self-guided walking tour includes 23 stops plus the Brown Rockies Overlook. Panoramic shots taken from the viewpoint above the city have become some of the most iconic views of the Deadwood Gulch.

Paved roads throughout the cemetery made the walk to all but the grave of Seth Bullock relatively easy. (Bullock had requested to be buried above the city of Deadwood, so his grave sits about 750 feet higher than the main cemetery.) The burial sites with the biggest crowds during our visit were those of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane. The two graves are next to each other per her dying request.

Fun fact: Unlike at most other places, the U.S. flag atop Mt. Moriah flies 24/7. An exception was granted by congress during World War I to honor all veterans who have served our nation.

What cemeteries have you found most interesting as you've traveled the world?

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There is no Wi-fi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection. - Unknown

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