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Paisley Park is So Much More Than a Museum

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 08/26/2021 09:29:52

Minnesota | Chanhassen | Paisley Park | Prince | Music | Studio Tour | Home Tour | Recording Studio | Guided Tours

Paisley Park is So Much More Than a Museum


Located in Chanhassen, Minnesota is the complex that Prince called his home, production studio and much more for almost 30 years. There are several options for visitors to explore Paisley Park on guided tours since his passing. Concerts, tours and other special events also continue to be offered at the venue.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you toured a recording studio or home of a favorite musician?

Since we were in Minnesota, we didn't want to miss exploring the home and studios where Prince lived and worked. The Paisley Experience tour allowed us to see Paisley Park's main floor which included Prince's recording studio, soundstage, concert hall and NPG Music Club.

"The Beautiful Collection", a special exhibit which includes 300 pairs of the amazingly artistic custom shoes that Prince wore during his career, is a new tour addition. The exhibit opened in July and is expected to remain onsite through at least year end 2021. As you may have guessed, no photos are allowed!

Which of your favorites artists' homes or recording studios would you like to explore?

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