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Palisades State Park: Not Just for Campers!

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 09/23/2020 08:55:39

South Dakota | Garretson | Palisades State Park | Split Rock Creek | Quartzite | Hiking | Catlinite | Peace Pipes

Palisades State Park: Not Just for Campers!


At just over 150 acres, Palisades State Park is among the smallest in South Dakota. What it doesn't have in size, however, is made up for in diversity! Although there's no onsite water at campsites, we still enjoyed our overnight stay. Plus, there's lots of plenty of cool places to explore both inside and near the park. It's very close to Sioux Falls, Split Rock Park and Devil's Gulch - making it a great location for day trips!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Do you sometimes avoid state parks thinking that they are only for those who camp?

Although Palisades State Park is definitely popular with campers, nature-lovers will also love exploring the unique geology in the park. Split Rock Creek meanders through the park between tall cliffs formed of quartzite. Amazingly, the cliffs (some as tall as 50 feet) were formed naturally and are estimated to be over 1 billion years old.

Cross a piece of history to get from the campground on the east side of the creek to the more rocky western side - a 1908 truss bridge. Get some exercise by hiking or walking over the quartzite, through the woods and beside the river for some unforgettable viewpoints. (Although jumping from the rocks is prohibited, we did see people taking this route to cool off.)

The park would be a fun place to visit for anyone who enjoys rock-climbing, hiking, kayaking, white-water rafting and even just taking photos! Although we didn't spot it, the rare mineral catlinite can also reportedly be found. More commonly known as pipestone, Native Americans made peace pipes out of the mineral inside the park.

Based on this description, what would make you have an interest in visiting Palisades State Park?

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