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You Never Know When You'll Be Surprised by a Manatee

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 01/20/2022 10:42:25

Florida | Plantation | Fort Lauderdale | Manatee | Canal | Wild Animals | Sea Animals | Mammals | Sea Cow

You Never Know When You'll Be Surprised by a Manatee


A subspecies of the West Indian manatee, Florida manatees can be found in the rivers, springs, canals and coastal waters within the state throughout the year. The number of manatees during the peak season months of December, January and February are significantly greater, however, than during the remainder of the year.

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For a number of years, I've been super obsessed by manatees. Almost exactly two years ago, we left home in our RV to travel to Florida to go on a manatee hunt (photo hunt, that is). It was the perfect way to learn more about these sea cows. We visited state parks and preserves (mostly on the Gulf Coast in central and northern Florida) and even went on a boat ride where we could swim with manatees.

Fast forward two years, and we are taking a walk with friends in Plantation, Florida (in south Florida near Fort Lauderdale). There are a number of canals that flow through their neighborhood, and we actually saw a manatee on our evening walk. There's something even more fun about seeing a manatee when it is totally unexpected!

Are you intrigued by manatees?

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