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Capturing the Beauty along Cactus Forest Loop Scenic Drive

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 07/20/2020 12:00:00

Arizona | Tucson | Saguaro National Park | Rincon Mountain District | Saguaro West | Scenic Drives | Saguaro Cactus

Capturing the Beauty along Cactus Forest Loop Scenic Drive


Arizona's Saguaro National Park has two district - east and west. A drive along the 8 mile Cactus Forest Loop Scenic Drive can take a minimum of 45 minutes because the road is quite narrow and full of switchbacks. Like many people, we spent about 3 hours in Saguaro East so that we could stop at most of the scenic overlooks plus do some hiking!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

What's your favorite type of natural scenery?

It seems like most people respond to this question with "waterfalls", "blue water", "snow covered mountains" and the like. Sadly, the desert doesn't usually make the top of the list. While desert scenery isn't at the top of our list either, it's definitely beautiful in its own right.

If you are like many other travelers, you might be making plans for more local travel this year. Don't miss an opportunity to see the amazing saguaros in Tucson if you're headed west in the US. Saguaro National Park is a perfect fall destination as the temperatures are cooler - but the scenery is still incredible.

What type of natural scenery makes the top of your favorites list?

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The stars were better company anyway. They were very beautiful, and they almost never snored. - David Eddings

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