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That's One Big Thanksgiving Meal on a Paper Plate!

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 11/16/2021 10:15:16

Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving Dinner | Crockpot | Slow Cooker | Holiday Meal Preparation in an RV | How to Plan Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving Countdown

That's One Big Thanksgiving Meal on a Paper Plate!


Thanksgiving in the United States is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday in November. Traditionally, the day is devoted to "giving thanks" for all that you have been blessed with during the year. Families around the country have personalized the day to include the things that they enjoy doing together. Family Thanksgiving celebrations are frequently planned around a big turkey dinner and often include watching a football game, going to a new movie or attending a church service.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Are you planning to prepare a big meal in the coming weeks?

Thanksgiving in the United States is just over a week away. Many people plan big family gatherings, but due to distances and other commitments, sometimes Thanksgiving celebrations are smaller. When it's a small group of only two or four, it can be hard to decide if you should go "all out" with a meal.

Since we love turkey and all of the traditional side dishes (and, of course dessert), last year we tried something new while traveling in our RV - "Thanksgiving Dinner in a Crockpot". We didn't cook everything in the slow cooker, but it helped in so many ways. We were able to make a smaller meal (still with plenty of leftovers) without relying so much on the tiny little oven in our RV. We also had fewer dishes to clean but still enjoyed all of our favorites.

Check out the "postcard" on our blog where you can link to an article ("Read Related Story") with all of the details on getting ready for Thanksgiving ... including some awesome recipes!

What plans do you have for Thanksgiving?

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