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The Elegant Farmer Bakes Pies in a Paper Bag!

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 09/08/2021 09:25:11

Wisconsin | Mukwanago | Milwaukee | Elegant Farmer | Bakery | Deli | Market | Apple Pie | Gourmet Apple Pie | Dairy | Paper Bag

The Elegant Farmer Bakes Pies in a Paper Bag!


Less than an hour southwest of Milwaukee, WI is the city of Mukwanago, home to The Elegant Farmer. This market / bakery / deli is often referred to as the "home of the best gourmet apple pie in America". The Elegant Farmer started as a family run dairy farm in 1946, and today is best known for baking their apple pies in a paper bag. Whole pies are actually sold in a box ... but don't worry, the pie is still inside the paper bag!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Have you ever heard of cheddar cheese on apple pie?

Everyone knows that Wisconsin is known for dairy - especially cheese. But would you ever consider putting a slice of cheese on everything that you eat - like dessert?

Before leaving on our long RV trip, we had heard about people eating apple pie with cheese on top. Now that we are in Wisconsin, we have been asking people about this custom and also researched it online. Unfortunately, no one that we have come in contact with here has been able to point us in the right direction. But, all of our online queries did lead us to The Elegant Farmer who is said to have the "best gourmet apple pie in the country". No cheese on top, but some awfully good pie!

What's the most unique dessert item that you have tried (and liked)?

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