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Longhorn Steers Near our Recent Camping Site

avatar   Scott

Posted On 09/04/2020 09:51:11

Texas | Camping | Hiking | Swimming | Gulf Coast | Beaches | Longhorn Steer | Cattle | Pasture | Livestock

Longhorn Steers Near our Recent Camping Site


We headed off to Rockport to enjoy the nice breezes (and more) of the Texas Gulf Coast. We were camped near a pasture that had several very nice longhorn steers. It was fun to watch them wander around the pasture each evening as they searched for their favorite patch of grass.

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What are your favorite species of wildlife?

Although they are not at the top of my favorites list, we do love seeing longhorns grazing in Texas pastures. (Both having attended The University of Texas, my wife and son are longhorns!) While recently camping in Rockport, we enjoyed a view of the neighboring pasture where we spotted several nice longhorn steers.

What types of animals do you always want to stop to photograph?

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Camping is nature's way of promoting the motel business. - Dave Barry

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