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Eat Like a Miner: Enjoy a Pasty for Dinner

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 08/18/2021 09:13:27

Michigan | Upper Peninsula | Houghton | Roy's Pasties and Bakery | Pasty | Pasties | Bakery | Local Dishes | Miners

Eat Like a Miner: Enjoy a Pasty for Dinner


Because of the ease in carrying them for a meal below ground, copper miners in Michigan often ate meat pies known as pasties for dinner. Beef and vegetables including carrots and potatoes were wrapped into a pastry and could easily be eaten by hand. Many bakeries and restaurants like Roy's Pasties and Bakery offer this still popular menu item today.

     The Wordy Explorers

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When traveling, do you ever eat like a local?

While planning our journey, I learned that pasties were a traditional dinner for miners in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I love trying local dishes, so I wanted to give a pasty a try. Roy's Pasties and Bakery is the most recommended place to get a pastie, and that's where we went.

Fun fact: Roy's offers traditional, turkey cranberry, bacon cheeseburger, chicken and broccoli, vegetarian, pizza and breakfast pasties. Prepare yourself as pasties are still very popular today and often sell out early. One day we arrived too late for breakfast pasties, and when we arrived for an early dinner, only traditional pasties were still available.

What local dishes do you recommend from your home town or a place you've traveled to?

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