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--- Postcard From The Wordy Explorers ---

Just One of Many Wonders at Yellowstone

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 05/16/2020 09:29:37

Wyoming | Yellowstone National Park | Continental Divide | Craig Pass | Isa Lake | Atlantic Ocean | Pacific Ocean

Just One of Many Wonders at Yellowstone


As we traveled along the Grand Loop Road in Yellowstone, we paused at Craig Pass. The mountain pass sits at an elevation of 8,262 feet above sea level and is actually located on the Continental Divide. Isa Lake, just west of the pass, is thought to be one of few lakes whose water eventually drains into two different oceans - the Atlantic and Pacific!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you have a favorite National Park?

We still have too many that we haven't visited to be able to choose a favorite. But, at this point, the driving tour that we took through Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks was one of our favorite trips! We joined Scott's brother and sister-in-law (who had already planned the itinerary), and the four of us loved all three parks. The scenery was beautiful, and we all learned more about this great country in which we live! This photo was taken at one of the points in Yellowstone National Park where we crossed the continental divide.

Which of the United States national parks is your favorite? . . . #WordyExplorers #Yellowstone #YellowstoneNationalPark #ContinentalDivide #CraigPass #IsaLake #RoadTrip #montana

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Do not collaborate with someone you would not go camping with. - Dan Poynte

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