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One of the Cinque Terre Villages is not Like the Others

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 12/07/2022 10:06:26

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One of the Cinque Terre Villages is not Like the Others


Of the five Cinque Terre villages located along the coast in northern Italy, Corniglia is the most central. Unlike the other four villages, the town of Corniglia sits further inland. Although Corniglia is the smallest of the villages, getting there isn't a small feat. When arriving by train, reaching the village requires a climb of almost 400 stairs. (There are two other options - a bus ride or a hike up a longer road.)

     The Wordy Explorers

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What's the maximum number of stairs you've climbed in a day?

Our last full day in the Cinque Terre region started with a train ride to the village of Corniglia. Since we were still quite sore from our uphill / downhill hike just a day earlier, we were surprised by what it took to get to the actual village. We were faced with more steps - 33 flights with 380+ stairs!

We spent less time in Corniglia than the other four villages, but enjoyed every minute. It has a different feel than the other villages, but there are plenty of photo opportunities. We lucked out by being able to hear part of a duet being performed in the church near the outdoor cafe where we ate breakfast.

Have you ever climbed 400 stairs in a day?

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