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Exploring Segments of the Historic Route 66

avatar   Scott

Posted On 07/12/2020 09:33:07

Destinations | Road Trips | New Mexico | Route 66 | Historic Routes | Scenic Routes | Abandoned Highways

Exploring Segments of the Historic Route 66


From time to time, we've come across various segments of the historic Route 66. There are still some routes that can be driven on. Once in Oklahoma, we drove for quite a long distance on the practically abandoned section of the road. It was basically a "barely paved", single lane (perhaps about only 8 feet wide) road with lots of weeds growing through. Quite interesting! We've driven on more segments of the famous road in Missouri, New Mexico (like this one) and Arizona.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you driven along Route 66?

We find it fun to travel along this old highway seeing the various "Americana" sights along the way like the old gas stations. Even when they are deserted, they are a cool piece of American history! As they say, get your kicks on Route 66!

What your favorite part of Route 66?

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