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Dinner and Variety Show: Chuckwagon Style

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/16/2021 09:09:53

South Dakota | Black Hills | Northern Black Hills | Rapid City | Fort Hays Old West Town | Dinner Show | Chuckwagon Dinner | Dances with Wolves

Dinner and Variety Show: Chuckwagon Style


A Chuckwagon Supper & Music Variety Show is the perfect complement for any vacation in the Black Hills. The evening begins with a self-guided visit to the South Dakota Film Museum and the Fort Hays Old West Town Square. After dinner, evening entertainment is provided by the Fort Hays Wranglers.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

How does dinner and a show sound?

Since I was primarily tasked with planning our Black Hills adventure, I thought that we should experience a chuckwagon dinner and show. After plenty of online searching, I decided on Fort Hays Old West Town and Dinner Show. After picking up our reserved tickets, our evening started with a walk around the old west town. We also visited the small onsite museum that is home to a scene set from Dances with Wolves starring Kevin Costner.

Tin plates were served through a staffed buffet line. Our chuckwagon dinner included a choice of sliced beef or baked chicken with sides of potatoes, baked beans, apple sauce and biscuits with honey. To drink, we chose from cold lemonade or hot coffee and spice cake was served for dessert. The western music and humor of the variety show made for a great way to end our evening after a long day of exploring!

Would you have an interest in attending a chuckwagon supper show?

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Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization. - Charles Lindbergh

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