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Hill City: The Heart of the Black Hills

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 01/27/2021 09:23:43

South Dakota | Black Hills | Hill City | 1880 Train | Keystone | Custer | Shopping | Art Galleries | Dining | Alpine Inn

Hill City: The Heart of the Black Hills


Second only to Custer, Hill City touts itself as being the next oldest town in the Black Hills. With its central location, the city is often advertised as being the "Heart of the Black Hills". Hill City's location is a big reason for tourism and timber being the primary income sources for local residents. A stroll down Main Street confirms that the city is known for art. In addition to fine art and western art galleries, there's wood carvings and metal sculptures adorning the downtown streets.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you make time for shopping when you are traveling?

We actually are not big shoppers - not when at home or when traveling. We did, however, enjoy browsing (and even doing some limited shopping) when on our train layover in Hill City, South Dakota. The downtown streets are filled with retail shops. From clothing, gifts, souvenirs, jewelry and antiques to amazing woodwork, it was easy to fill our time.

Oh, one type of shopping that we do enjoy is shopping for food - at restaurants, that is! With plenty of options, Hill City did not disappoint! We found options to tour and sample at local wineries and breweries in addition to the large variety of restaurants. We couldn't pass up the bacon wrapped filet mignon at Alpine Inn (and dessert, too).

What do you enjoy shopping for when traveling?

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