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Sandy Beach at Indiana Dunes State Park

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 08/03/2021 08:59:16

Indiana | Lake Michigan | Indiana Dunes National Park | Indiana Dunes State Park | Beach Day | Sand Dunes

Sandy Beach at Indiana Dunes State Park


There's both a national park and a state park along southern Lake Michigan where the famed Indiana Dunes can be found. Although there is a small entrance fee, the beach inside the state park is one of the most popular along the dunes. In addition to a large sandy area and clear beach water, seasonal lifeguards help to ensure safety at the state park plus there are clean shower and restroom facilities. For those looking for more than the beach, there's a Three Dune Challenge that is loved by hikers.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Are you a beach person?

We both love spending a relaxing day at the beach. Like many people, it's usually Florida, California, Hawaii or even Texas that come to mind when we think of a beach day. We are actually quite surprised at how appealing both the sand and water are in places as far north as Indiana.

The water in Lake Michigan is a little cooler than we are used to, but it is far less cold than we expected. The sand is nice - it feels good under our feet and is not too coarse to walk on. We now understand that it's not only oceans that can make for a good beach day. We both agree that if we lived in this area, we would definitely buy an annual pass to visit Indiana Dunes State Park (and all other Indiana state parks) as often as we want each year!

What is your favorite beach?

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