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Texas State Bison Herd at Caprock Canyons State Park

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 02/06/2020 09:15:00

Texas | Quitaque | Texas Panhandle | Caprock Canyons | Caprock Canyons State Park | Texas State Bison Herd | Texas State Parks

Texas State Bison Herd at Caprock Canyons State Park


Descendants of the southern plains bisons known as the Goodnight Herd make up today's Official Texas State Bison Herd. The herd was donated to Texas Parks and Wildlife in 1996 and relocated to Caprock Canyons State Park the following year. Today, the herd roams freely around the state park.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

A visit to Caprock Canyons State Park in the Texas Panhandle is perfect for experiencing some of the state's natural beauty. Both the rugged landscape and the wildlife, including the Official Texas State Bison Herd, are easily incorporated into a day within the park. #WordyExplorers #texas #quitaque #CaprockCanyons #bison #TexasPanhandle

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Notable Quote

The wilderness holds answers to questions we have not yet learned to ask. - Nancy Wynne Newhall

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