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Tigre River Delta Outside Buenos Aires Is Unique

avatar   Scott

Posted On 09/11/2020 09:11:54

Buenos Aires | Argentina | Tigre River | Delta Community along the River | Swimming | Tourism | Tours | Safari Delta

Tigre River Delta Outside Buenos Aires Is Unique


The Tigre River Delta outside of Buenos Aires is a unique place that offers a "water-centric lifestyle" for vacationers and weekenders alike. We enjoyed our personal tour with Safari Delta where we saw some of the colorful homes along the river. It was amazing to see how different the homes were - some were certainly very unique. Although we got some rain on the way back to the port, we did have the opportunity to swim in the river just like the locals!

     The Wordy Explorers

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When visiting a foreign country, do you tend to stay in the big cities or do you venture out?

Flashback Friday! We spent just over a month in South America in early 2018. We started in Peru with our main goal of seeing Machu Picchu. We then boarded a cruise which took us around Cape Horn to Buenos Aires. After a couple of days exploring the city, we joined another cruise up and down the coast of Brazil. Upon our return to Buenos Aires, we decided to get away from the city and go out to the Tigre River area. What a great decision it was - we loved grabbing our swim suit, boarding a small boat and touring the Tigre River Community with Safari Delta!

Where's your favorite place to explore away from the big city?

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Notable Quote

I need the Sea because it teaches me. - Pablo Neruda

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