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Amazement at the 12 Angled Inca Stone in Cuzco

avatar   Scott

Posted On 05/02/2020 09:27:07

Destinations | Peru | Cuzco | Inca People | Spanish Explorers | Rock Formations | Inca Architecture | Hatun Rumiyoc Street

Amazement at the 12 Angled Inca Stone in Cuzco


The Incas built many amazing structures, walls, walks and palaces in their capital city of Cuzco, Peru before the Spanish explorers arrived. One particularly amazing wall has a huge stone with 12 angles that has become a cultural icon. Notice the bump on the lower-left of the large stone. This is carved there to allow ropes to be placed around the stone to drag the stone and place it without it slipping off.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Why do you think that walls built by the Incas last longer than newly created structures?

We joined a walking tour of Cuzco, Peru and learned so much more than had we tried to see the city on our own. One of the most amazing creations of the Incas was the wall along Hatun Rumiyoc Street. In addition to this twelve sided stone, there are so many more curious stones in the large wall. Imagine stones that are placed together to form Incan Animal Gods such as snakes or jaguars.

With all of the technology that we now have, why can't we build structures today that last this long? #inca #architecture #SpanishExplorers #peru #cuzco #WordyExplorers

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