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Explore 90 Mile Beach on Your Surfboard or in a 4WD Vehicle!

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 05/28/2023 10:53:39

New Zealand | Tauroa Point | Scott Point | 90 Mile Beach | 4WD | Sand | Beach | Surfing | Swimming | Fishing | Bodyboarding

Explore 90 Mile Beach on Your Surfboard or in a 4WD Vehicle!


Stretching from Tauroa Point in the south to Scott Point in the north (on the North Island's west coast) is the highway known as 90 Mile Beach. Driving on the "sand" highway is for four-wheel drive vehicles only, and is absolutely forbidden by rental car companies. (Even 4WD vehicles must be very careful - especially at high tide!) The stretch of sand is not just for driving - you'll find swimmers, fishermen, bodyboarders, surfers and more along the way!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

90 Mile Beach - New Zealand's beach that is actually a highway! (We didn't dare try to drive on the beach with our small rental car, but had fun watching the surfers during our quick visit.)

Is it fact or fiction? It's a fact that 90 Mile Beach is less than 55 miles in length. We haven't found a definitive reason as to how the beach/highway got it's name, but we like this possibility that we read: "It took early Europeans three days to travel the entire length of beach on horseback and horses could typically complete a 30-mile trek each day." (But wait - traveling on sand takes longer - even for horses!)

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