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Hiking the Coastal Walk Path South of Bondi Beach

avatar   Scott

Posted On 04/22/2020 09:29:47

Destinations | Hiking | Walking | Coastal Walk | Mark's Park | Bondi Beach | Sydney | Australia

Hiking the Coastal Walk Path South of Bondi Beach


Between three cruises plus time on our own to explore Sydney and its surrounding areas, we were "down under" for a total of six weeks. During our one week in Sydney, Australia, we spent one of our days exploring Bondi Beach. We very much enjoyed our hike along the coastal walk going south from the famous beach. Mark's Park is a great place to enjoy the sun and ocean views.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you take crazy pictures aimed to make it look like you are holding up a leaning tower or a city?

There is so much to see and do when visiting Sydney, Australia. Of course, there's the points of interest that everyone talks about - the zoo, Opera House, bridge, etc. We enjoyed one of our more restful days at Bondi Beach. It is such a great beach to relax, surf, eat and even people watch.

Have you taken a photo similar to this one along the Bondi Beach Coastal Walk? . #ocean #breezes #CoastalWalk #MarksPark #sydney #australia #SydneyAustralia #WordyExplorers

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The planning stage of a cruise is often just as enjoyable as the voyage itself, letting one's imagination loose on all kinds of possibilities. Yet translating dreams into reality means a lot of practical questions have to be answered. - Jimmy Cornell

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