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Afternoon Beignet Break at Cafe Du Monde

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/09/2022 10:16:29

Louisiana | New Orleans | New Orleans French Market | Cafe Du Monde | Coffee | Beignets | Traditions | Restaurants | Dining

Afternoon Beignet Break at Cafe Du Monde


No visit to The Big Easy is complete without a visit to Cafe Du Monde. Dating back to 1862, Cafe Du Monde has been serving the New Orleans community from the French Market. The pandemic forced the cafe to change both their hours and their serving style, but their menu still includes beignets and coffee!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Do you have any "must visit" places in New Orleans?

For us, Cafe Du Monde is at the top of our list!

After being home for just two nights, we hit the road back toward Florida. We wanted to break up the 12+ hour drive, so we made a stop in New Orleans for beignets and frozen coffees. Although the expected line was still there, times have changed at the cafe. Table service was replaced by two walk-up counters. Our beignets were still warm (and still covered with powdered sugar), but were pre-packaged in single-serving bags.

What's a must at the top of your New Orleans list?

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